Subsidized Therapy Program

Subsidized Therapy Program

At Positive Mind Wellness Inc. we recognized the urgent need to provide anyone who needs it appropriate and advanced Physiotherapy and Counselling services.

Currently, individuals who require this service have one of two choices: 

1. Pay privately for their therapy, which can often be quite costly, or: 

2. Attend an OHIP clinic, which has a cap on the amount of therapy they are able to receive. 

So, we took on the task of making advanced physiotherapy and counselling affordable to anyone who needs it and qualifies for our Subsidized Therapy Program.

Using an organized, coordinated team approach, Positive Mind Wellness Inc. cares for Clients with all levels of rehabilitative needs. Care is provided to individuals with a temporary, progressive, or permanent neurological illness or injury or mental health issues that have interrupted or altered the ability to live and function independently. 

Services when and where they are needed 

Our clients receive rehabilitative services in a warm, friendly and professional atmosphere. All service programs are customized by our team of experts specializing in neurological care to and mental health to meet the individual Client’s needs. 

How Does it Work? 

1. Schedule a Free Consultation at our clinic

2. Fill out our Application which will be provided to you at your first visit

3. Your Application will be reviewed and, if you qualify for the subsidized program, you will receive an approval

4. Schedule an Initial Assessment with our Registered Physiotherapist or our Registered Social Service Worker where your treatment plan is determined

We are proud to say that we are truly filling a gap in our community!