Stretching Package

Stretching Package

PMW Assisted Stretch is a body wellness program where the client lies passively and is moved through a series positions to achieve stretches through the entire body. It provides health benefits by affecting synergistic muscle groups and engaging stretch receptors along the longitudinal, lateral, and spiral myofascial tracts, and creating space in tight areas that otherwise would impede movement.

It is an excellent supplement to hard physical activity, performance sports, recreational sports and outdoor enthusiasts who want to maintain healthy and pain free body function.

It improves alignment by creating the right “tensegrity” or the muscle balance to maintain the floating compression and tension that maintains good posture.

It is an excellent way to initiate a regular stretching routine.

Immediate Benefits of PMW Assisted Stretch:
  • Release of tension in tight muscles
  • Offers relaxing treatment in a comfortable environment
  • Provides deep stretching in a passive body position
  • Help’s stretch areas that are difficult to reach by oneself
  • Relieves knee, back, shoulder, and neck ache due to muscle tension or imbalance
  • Lowers elevated blood pressure
  • Presents more information and education about stretches and exercises that can improve your wellness
  • Improve Posture & restore healthy curves to your cervical, thoracic & lumbar spine
  • Improved muscle balance for increased performance and injury reduction
  • Mental peace and mediation