Positive Mind Wellness is your trusted ally in the realm of Canadian immigration. Our team of experienced psychologists specializes in Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) Assessments, devoted to enhancing your H&C application and supporting you on your journey to permanent residency through psychological evaluations.

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What Is a Humanitarian And Compassionate (H&C) Assessment?

The H&C Assessment is an important evaluation during the immigration process that is administered by a licensed psychologist. The assessment is used in the case where an individual who doesn’t meet the requirements of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) department to fit into other immigration categories can be reconsidered for permanent residency.

The idea is that there are challenges and unforeseen circumstances that can affect an individual’s immigration status.

How Our Services Help with H&C Assessment?

At Positive Mind Wellness, we recognize that the uncertainty regarding immigration status can have psychological effects. We can help individuals navigate the H&C application process through psychological evaluations and providing documents to support your application. 

There are people in different categories who can apply for humanitarian and compassionate in Canada. Our services are extended to people who:

  • Have overstayed their visa.
  • Had a refugee claim denied over a year ago.
  • Were denied inclusion in the family class due to their sponsor’s failure to disclose their presence or undergo the required examination.
  • Have children who would be affected.
  • Have a criminal issue that has affected their ability to immigrate.

Our psychological staff here at Positive Mind Wellness are familiar with the H&C application process. We help with introductory services such as assessments and reports that will strengthen your application.

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Who Can Benefit From An H&C Psychological Assessment?

Individuals may find themselves facing the real possibility of deportation due to not being able to meet immigration requirements for various reasons. The H&C application then becomes their last effort to gain the status of a permanent resident. The humanitarian and compassionate considerations include hardship, medical conditions, family separation, abuse and violence, and unique circumstances.


Sometimes, individuals may not be able to return to their home country because they would face significant hardship there. Examples of such hardships include war, political tension, persecution (due to being a member of a protected group), poverty, and other dire circumstances. In some instances, one’s ties to Canada may be the source of hardship in their country of origin.

Medical Conditions

An individual facing serious health concerns may find it difficult to apply for immigration under normal circumstances. However, a humanitarian and compassionate application will consider whether or not it is feasible for the individual to receive treatment in their home country. Both the severity of the health concerns and the availability of adequate treatment and care are considered.

Family Separation

The assessment also evaluates how settled someone is in Canada, including their family ties. Consideration is given to those who may be facing potential separation from immediate family members. This is particularly true when they will be separated from their children. In such a case, it is important to recognize the psychological and physical repercussions that the children will face and act with their best interest in mind.

Abuse and Violence

Some individuals have experienced trauma or violence in their home country. It includes physical, sexual, financial, and emotional abuse as well as neglect. This may be coming from their spouse, common-law partner, parent, or other family member. In this case, sending them back would be retraumatizing and potentially expose them to further abuse or violence.

Unique Circumstances

Individuals facing exceptional and unforeseen situations may warrant special consideration for the H&C application. Every application is unique, therefore an individual’s circumstances that do not fall into the above categories may allow them to apply for permanent residency on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

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What Happens During An H&C Psychological Assessment?

We have a team of psychologists at Positive Mind Wellness who are experienced in the H&C application process. We start with an in-depth interview to better understand your circumstances. We then offer you relevant psychological tests to assess your mental wellness.

If you have supporting documents such as police reports and medical records, we review these. Finally, we write a comprehensive report that takes your history, psychological state, and personal circumstances and the potential consequences that would result from  a potential deportation.

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Benefits of Seeking an H&C Assessment

Expert Evaluation

Receive a professional assessment conducted by a qualified mental health professional.

Stronger Application

Enhance your immigration application with insightful and credible evidence.

Increased Chances of Success

Increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

Emotional Support

Gain clarity and understanding of your situation and access to resources for emotional support.

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Our Psychology Clinic Offers

  • A team of experienced psychologists specializing in H&C assessments.
  • A safe and confidential environment to discuss your experiences.
  • Culturally sensitive and compassionate care.
  • Comprehensive and timely reports.

Take control of your future.

If you are facing immigration challenges and believe an H&C assessment could strengthen your case, contact our clinic today. We are dedicated to providing you with the support and understanding you need during this critical time.

Next Steps to Strengthen Your H&C Application

Embarking on a Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) assessment with a psychotherapist is a pivotal first step towards fostering positive change. At Positive Mind Wellness, we are committed to supporting you throughout your journey towards solidifying your H&C application.

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