Family therapy might be the answer for you! 

Are you looking for support with the following?
  • parent-teen conflict 
  • co-parenting 
  • separation 
  • learning ways to better cope and manage past family traumas 
  • conflict resolution  
  • couples counselling 
Family therapy is offered to clients who want to learn how to: 
  • improve and enhance the quality of their intimate relationships 
  • establish healthy boundaries and habits, develop goals 
  • strengthen communication and connection 
  • embrace new perspectives with an open mind 
  • effectively cope and manage conflict resolution 
  • nurture mental health and wellness   

Family Therapy is a Safe Space to Build Trust

Family therapy aims to support individuals and their families by making positive changes in their lives. The therapist will facilitate and/or mediate conversations that act as catalysts to promote growth and strength in various relationships.  

The first session between the therapist and clients is called the discovery session.  In this session, the family members will express their reasoning for wanting to participate in family therapy. The therapist will acknowledge the multiple perspectives to identify what range of psychotherapy and counselling techniques (CBT/EFT, anti-oppressive practice, strengths-based perspectives, relationship counselling, psychoeducational, communication therapy, transgenerational therapy, narrative therapy, systemic therapy, strategic therapy, structural therapy, and other effective practices and theories) can be used to empower each individual and the family.   

Family therapy is a safe space to build trust. Over the course of the session, individuals will start to feel more comfortable expressing themselves without judgment or criticism, encouragement is provided, and reflection is practiced.