Even the most successful relationships face tough times and challenges. At Positive Mind Wellness, we offer couples counselling so you can have a safe space to discuss your relationship issues and develop solutions to assist you in managing them effectively. Our goal is to improve the quality of your relationship through effective communication, better empathy and understanding for your significant other.

Our Couples Counseling Services

Our counselling services are meant for individuals in a committed relationship that want to address issues like establishing trust, a lack of intimacy and better communication skills. 

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is one of the main forms of therapy we provide. Our couples counsellors will help you and your partner identify your emotions and patterns of negative interaction. We also focus on each partner’s history of attachment and how their behaviours may contribute to conflict. Our therapy will help you meet your partner’s needs in a healthier and more empathic way. 

What Do You Talk About in Couples Counseling?

During our couples counselling sessions, we’ll touch on a myriad of topics that impact your relationship. We help couples strengthen their communication skills and gain a better understanding of conflict resolution, how to build trust, and deal with significant life changes.

Life has a way of throwing major curveballs, and it may be difficult knowing how to navigate as a couple during a difficult time. Our therapists are ready to discuss these major life changes and suggest ways that you can be helpful and supportive towards your partner.

Entering marriage is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. We provide conflict management skills and will help you understand the expectations you have of each other so you can have a successful union with our marriage counselling services.

Effective communication skills are essential in a successful relationship. With our couples therapy, you’ll learn how to reduce conflict and build a strong emotional connection with your partner. We provide problem resolution strategies and develop ways to manage stressors related to careers, money, or children in a more effective manner.

Boundaries can be difficult to establish especially with friends and family. In a partnership, it’s important that you are both on the same page when issues with your loved ones arise. Through counselling, we can help you set healthy boundaries, provide open communication and coping mechanisms for stressful situations.

There are countless situations where you may need to regain trust from your significant other. Whether you’re in a new relationship with a lack of trust or you want to save your relationship after an affair, our therapists can help you build that foundation of trust once again. 

We work on a range of intimacy issues for couples to help strengthen their sexual connection. This includes everything from porn addictions to sexual functioning problems. With our couples therapy, we provide a supportive environment for partners to openly express their vulnerabilities so they can have a more fulfilling intimate relationship.

Regaining trust from a partner after infidelity is not easy. Counselling is an excellent way to begin the road to healing. Our therapy helps to address underlying problems, understand the causes of an affair and provide a safe space to openly communicate with one another.

When all the children have moved out of the home, it can be devastating for parents. During our counselling sessions, we help parents cope with feelings of sadness and a shift in their family dynamic. We also help parents discover their own purpose aside from being a parent. Schedule your session today and discover profound life-changing impacts.

Who is Couples Counseling For?

Couples counselling is beneficial for many different types of relationships. Whether you need to improve your communication skills or you want more support from your partner, our therapists can help. We offer couples counselling for newly engaged couples, partners in a long-term relationship as well as common-law and married couples. The goal of therapy is to provide a safe space to discuss any challenges you are facing and how to strengthen your connection as a couple.

We provide counselling services for:

  • Premarital couples
  • Long-term partners
  • Married couples
  • Common-law partners

If you’re concerned about the cost of sessions running into thousands, relax! We’ve got you covered! The initial assessment for couples counselling is $200. This is an important first step to discovering the journey we can embark on together to help create manageable strategies and solutions. Afterwards, each session for couples counselling is $130.

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Does Couples Counseling Actually Help?

Counselling can improve your relationship in numerous ways. Positive Mind Wellness helps to uncover your patterns of behaviour and communication and how they may contribute to conflicts in your relationship.

Relationship therapy helps to build more empathy and understanding between partners and results in a stronger relationship. And if you are contemplating a separation or divorce, we can help to better navigate your problems and develop a plan to repair the relationship.

Start with a Complimentary Discovery Session

Ready to start your journey to couples therapy? Book a complimentary discovery session today where you’ll speak to a therapist to determine if it’s the right fit. At Positive Mind Wellness, we respect your privacy and will ensure that every conversation is confidential.

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