Applying eyeliner can be challenging for many of us due to a lack of practice, poor eyesight, shaky hands or a medical condition. Permanent eyeliner can be the solution for those who love the look of defined eyes but do not have the skills or time to apply it daily. Imagine the freedom of waking up with your eye make-up already done, being able to exercise without the worry of your eye liner smudging or even watching a sad movie without the running eye make-up. Permanent eyeliner can help define your eyes, enhance their natural shape and there are many options available to suite your individual needs!

Eyelash enhancement

This treatment involves the application of pigment directly along the lash line and results in a look of depth and definition to the eye. You will also have the appearance of a thicker lash line and is ideal for clients looking for a solution to sparse, short or absent eyelashes due to alopecia or trichotillomania.

Classic eyeliner

This treatment is like the eyelash enhancement but also includes a defining line on top of the lash line. The thickness can be customized depending on your personal needs and style.

winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is for those who love a more intense look and is ideal for those who use liquid liner daily. The “wings” are placed on the outer corner of the upper eyelid and can be tailored to your wants and individual eye shape. This type of eyeshadow can be dramatic and is perfect for those looking to make a statement.

eyeliner with shadow

This treatment combines the look of eyeliner along with a shadow to give your eyes more definition. The “shadow” is typically done in brown but can be customized to achieve your desired look. Shadowing can be used to enhance your eyeliner or can create a softer effect with less definition.


Imagine having perfectly shaped eyebrows all the time without any make up application! Permanent eyebrows offer a realistic look without the hassle of daily make up application. Properly shaped eyebrows will enhance and frame the features of your face and are a must for a polished daily look.

ombre powder brows

Ombre powder eyebrows are growing in popularity and resemble the look of expertly applied eyebrow make-up. The powder technique is very gentle on the skin, making it suitable for all skin types. This technique involves creating a soft pixelated effect along your natural brow boarders to create a soft, full and defined look.  This treatment is perfect for those looking to enhance their eyebrows but may not have the skill or time to apply make up daily.


Have you noticed that your lip line is not as defined as it used to be? Has your lip colour become dull over time, especially around the boarder? Many of us use lipstick and liner everyday to make our lips looks fuller, more defined and to alter the colour. Permanent lip make-up can be a long lasting solution for those who are tired of having to reapply lipstick through out the day, want a natural look without cosmetics and want to make their lips appear fuller.

lipstick effect

This treatment saturates the lips with a colour of your choice. Mariana can work with you to create the perfect colour that complements your lifestyle and skin tone. After the treatment your lips will look more pigmented than the final result, which will look like your wearing your favourite lipstick.

Lip Blush (Aquarelle Lips)

This treatment will give you a soft look that enhances the colour of your lips and is more natural looking than a full lipstick treatment. The fresh rosy colour that this treatment gives you is very popular with those wanting to enhance their lip colour and shape without looking like they have had anything done. Mariana can work with you to create an individualized look that enhances your natural beauty.

ombre lip blush

This treatment gives you a more defined look along the boarders of your lips and the colour gets softer towards the middle.  The end result are fuller, softer looking lips that don’t require make-up everyday. Colours can be customized for your taste and lifestyle needs and is a great time saver for women on the go!