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About Our Therapy Clinic

At Positive Mind Wellness, our team has a combined 20+ years of experience working with a diverse population of clientele including individuals with various neurological conditions, mental health, Orthopedic conditions, and much more.

Positive Mind Wellness Inc. was born out of a passion for helping people and a need for more customized treatment methods. We attribute much of our success to our dedication to making people’s lives better and our commitment to giving back to our community.

Our goal is to improve our client’s quality of life by offering a range of services in order to effectively assist our clients in reaching their goals.

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Our Therapy Clinic Services

Welcome to the world of Positive Mind Wellness, we are a therapy clinic dedicated to nurturing your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. As a multidisciplinary clinic, our comprehensive services are designed to empower individuals, couples, and families on their journey to positivity and wellness.

We believe in the law of attraction – that’s why we develop comprehensive and effective strategies personally for you. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, relief from stress and anxiety, improved relationships, or recovery from trauma, our experienced team is here to guide and support you every step of the way.Discover your path to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Your journey towards your well-being starts here.

Our services are available in English, Spanish, Farsi, Dari, Italian, Arabic, Russian Urdu, Punjabi, and Hebrew.

Psychotherapy service


Are you feeling stuck? Sometimes life can be overwhelming. When life gets tough, we want you to know that you don’t have to navigate life’s challenges alone. We are here for you. Our team of licensed healthcare professionals can provide the support you need on your journey to wellness.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety or chronic illness, or going through a big change like a career change, divorce or starting a family, we can help you work through the transition while prioritizing your health and wellness. We do this through scheduling regular therapist-client meetings where we can work together to find out how best to reach your goals. During these sessions, your mental health therapist will help you explore your inner world and address emotions, desires, and memories that may be impacting your mental health. As we work with you, we will form an individualized treatment plan that will address your specific needs.

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life coaching services

Life Coaching

Do you need help achieving some of your personal goals? Or maybe you are facing something new and need some help mapping out your next steps. If you’re struggling with stress or feel stuck, life coaching at our therapy clinic may be just what you need. Life coaching provides insight and clarity that can help you move forward toward your goals and dreams. What matters to you, matters to us. We want to see you achieve your goals and enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

Life coaching at Positive Mind Wellness gives you a safe space to explore some of the barriers to your progress and offers effective solutions so you can reach your goals. We take a solution-based approach and work closely with you. Through conversation, exercises, reflection, and inquiry, we will equip you with the tools and confidence you need to meet your goals and live the life you have been dreaming of.

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couple therapy service

Couples Counseling

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. Whether you are in a new or seasoned romance, issues are bound to come up. Sometimes couples are able to work through challenges and resolve issues on their own. Other times, a qualified and compassionate third party can help provide insight and help a couple get onto the same page.

Working with our team of therapists at Positive Mind Wellness can help you identify and address issues that may be placing a strain on your relationship. Our counsellors are here to support you and will give you the tools to strengthen your relationship in a way that makes you and your partner feel validated and cared for. You’ll learn effective strategies to improve communication and set you on the path to a happier and healthier relationship.

Some issues we help couples with include preparing for marriage, coping with major life changes, managing challenging relationships with extended family members, building trust, addressing intimacy issues, and healing from an affair.

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family therapy services

Family Therapy

When conflict arises, the dynamics of a family can shift. Even though family members love and care for one another, there are times when there may be discord within the family. This can make it hard for a family to understand each other. When this happens, it may be difficult to get everyone on the same page. If you are experiencing some challenges in your family, you may be feeling anxious and unsure of what the next steps look like for you and your family.

It’s important that every member of a family feels heard. We can help you take steps towards creating healthier communication and growth in the relationship between family members. We also help families establish healthy boundaries and habits so that everyone feels valued and respected.

The first step is reaching out to therapists to book a complimentary Discovery session. We’ll assess what led them to seek out family therapy. With this information, our therapist will identify what type of psychotherapy and counselling techniques best apply to the family.

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registered massage therapy service

Registered Massage Therapy

One of the effective ways to ease pain, tension and stress in the body is through massage therapy. This is a form of therapy that manipulates soft tissue in your body, including muscles, tendons, connective tissues, ligaments, and joints to alleviate pain and discomfort due to injury or a chronic condition. Massage therapy promotes relaxation in the body and can go a long way in enhancing your physical well-being.

Positive Mind Wellness offers a variety of specialized massage treatments. Massage therapy at our clinic is done by a registered massage therapist, giving you the confidence to know that your massage therapist knows what they are doing. During your first appointment, our RMT will ask you some important questions and do a complete assessment to determine what treatment plan will be best for you. Our massage techniques treatments include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage massage, prenatal massage, and relaxation massage.

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in home therapy near me

In-Home Therapy

Sometimes the best place for physical therapy to take place is in your home. This is particularly true if you have limited mobility due to an injury or chronic illness or are unable to travel to our clinic to receive treatment for some other reason. We make it our mission to ensure that our therapy services are flexible and available to everyone who needs them. So if you cannot come to us, we will come to you.

Our in-home registered massage therapy can be given to you right in the comfort of your home if you live in the GTA. We will schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you and bring the necessary equipment with us.

The first step to your massage therapy is completing an initial assessment with one of our therapists. This will help us determine what treatment plan is best for you.

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accident rehabilitation centre

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Recovering from a motor vehicle accident can be hard physically and emotionally. If you have been injured in an accident, your quality of life may have been affected. A motor vehicle accident can have a dramatic impact on your daily life and your overall well-being.

It’s important to have the support you need to fully recover from such an ordeal. The period following an accident is very critical, and we want to ensure that your body heals well and that your mental health receives the attention it needs.

At Positive Mind Wellness, we offer support in this area. Through our strong rehabilitation program and mental health support, we will work with you at a pace that is comfortable for you. Our approach allows you to manage your physical, mental and emotional needs as you recover.

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Play Therapy service

Play Therapy

A key element of wellness is the ability to process emotions. Children often experience emotions that they are unable to articulate because they have not yet developed the language for them. They need help relaying their inner thoughts and emotions. Not being able to express their feelings can lead to internal turmoil.

Our therapists at Positive Mind Wellness are experienced in working with children and use different forms of creative dialogue with children to help them tap into their thoughts and feelings. Therapeutic play empowers children by providing an opportunity for them to be fully understood. With the help of a licensed therapist, this form of therapy conducted in a nurturing environment can help a child gain confidence and the necessary skills to express their emotions.

Some of the skills therapeutic play can help children develop include helping them process their emotions, relaxation techniques, emotional regulation, social skills, behavioural challenges, routines, and positive supportive relationships.

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wsib mental health support


Adjusting to life after a workplace injury can be tough, both physically and emotionally. That’s where we come in. At Positive Mind Wellness, we’re here to help you navigate this challenging journey.

After a workplace injury, dealing with WSIB alone can be difficult, in addition to navigating through different emotions and coping with the results of your injury. With our compassionate team, our WSIB services involve navigating through these feelings and thoughts, offering Psychological Assessments and personalized treatments. Our caring team serves North York, Brampton, Newmarket and Ottawa and is dedicated to your mental and physical well-being recovery following a workplace injury.

We know that healing isn’t just about your body; it’s also about your mind. We recognize that workplace-related injuries can not only affect your body but your mind as well. That’s why our goal is to provide you with comprehensive support. We can help with anxiety, depression, trauma, and the adjustment process of stepping away from work and how this affects not only yourself but the people around you.

When you contact our team, rest assured that we’ll work with you to rebuild your mental strength and resilience. Your health is important to us, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Our Reviews

  • This was my first experience with a life coach. It was amazing! The recommendations I received from Sandra were great and I’m going to follow through with my plan. If you’re looking for help in organizing your tasks you should definitely see Sandra.

    Joey was fantastic! My headache is gone and I strongly recommend booking an appointment! He is the absolute best- I feel so much better than I did before!

    Uliana Dubei
  • I came across Viktoria's life coaching services and I'm so glad I did. Highly knowledgable with great energy, Viktoria is so easy to talk to and provides great advice. I couldn't recommend her enough--I always feel great after our sessions.

    Emily T.
  • TI have been seeing Victoria for business coaching for just over six months now. I had a really hard time when my company had to close down for covid. Victoria has been fantastic! She has always made me feel like a priority and has helped me turn my company around. I would highly recommend!

    Sasha Raskin

Mind-Body Wellness Center

Positive Mind Wellness is a complete balance health centre focused on ensuring that our clients receive the best therapy possible. We are invested in the wellbeing of our clients and offer customized and holistic patient care that allows our clients to experience wellness and positivity in their lives.

We want you to do well and get the most enjoyment out of life. So we work together as a team to ensure that you receive a personalized treatment plan that helps you address any concerns you may be having regarding your mental health.

Our therapists are registered psychotherapists and have years of experience working with patients to achieve optimal health and wellness. We want you to be at your best and are invested in your progress. When you work with us, you can be confident that you are not just another number to us. We’ll make sure that you receive the best care possible at our wellness centre. We have several locations in Ontario where you can access our rehabilitative services.

To learn more about our rehabilitation services, simply reach out to us through our contact page and let us know how we can help!


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